Press release: Digital Workforce sets up the first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) competence centre in Poland

Press Release May 29, 2017

Digital Workforce sets up the first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) competence centre in Poland

The leading RPA company in the Nordics, Digital Workforce, has established a new office in Lodz, Poland to strengthen its Central-Northern European reach and to expand its network of RPA specialists to meet the growing market demand.

Until now, Digital Workforce has had offices in Helsinki and Stockholm. From Lodz, the company seeks to find competent and talented RPA developers and consultants to meet the growing market demand for knowledge work automation.

“We selected Lodz because it is home to many universities and attracts a diverse and technologically-fluent workforce. We have now recruited our first ten developers and our target is to employ 30 people by the end of 2017, and doubling that in 2018. As RPA is new to most, we will train our people with the market leading tools and technologies,” tells Mika Vainio-Mattila, one of the founders of Digital Workforce.

Digital Workforce brings new kind of digital expertise to the region. With the help of RPA organisations are able to create a new kind of workforce, a virtual workforce. The virtual workforce consists of digital workers, software robots that take care of the time-consuming and dull routines of computer-based knowledge work. The more organisations learn to utilise digital workers, the more efficient they become.

There are many major banks, insurance companies, Business Process Outsourcing providers and Shared Service Centres operating in the area – all key customer segments for the company.

“By establishing a footprint in Lodz, we are also able to better serve our customers in the Central-Northern European region. Overall, we see Poland as a big business opportunity, since RPA is now taking first steps and many large organisations will soon start evaluating and exploiting the potential for automation,” describes Mika Vainio-Mattila.

Robotic Process Automation is one of the leading technologies to carry out knowledge work and process automation speeding up the digital transformation. The utilisation of RPA has grown rapidly in the past 12 months and the growth is accelerating.

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Digital Workforce
Digital Workforce is the only company purely specialising in RPA services in the Central-Northern European region. Our digital workers automate the routines of computer based knowledge work freeing up the time of human employees for more productive and important tasks. The deployment of digital workers requires no changes to the existing information systems. Digital Workforce was founded in the summer of 2015 and it currently employs over 60 RPA specialists in Finland, Sweden and Poland.