Press release: Oslo kemnerkontor and Digital Workforce enter into an agreement on Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Press release

Oslo kemnerkontor and Digital Workforce enter into an agreement on Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Digital Workforce AS will deliver digital workers to the Oslo kemnerkontor – Robotic Process Automation (RPA), thereby becoming a supplier of RPA software and services for automation of the Oslo kemnerkontors defined work processes. The agreement has a frame of 3 years with the possibility of expansion up to 7 years. The estimated total value of the agreement is NOK 10 million and is the largest in Digital Workforce AS’s history.

The Oslo kemnerkontor is the country’s largest tax collector and is a municipal agency under the Bureau of Finance in Oslo Municipality. Oslo kemnerkontor will ensure that all debtors pay taxes and fees the political authorities have adopted.

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software that enables business executives to configure the software or the “robot” to work in their existing applications with transaction processing, data manipulation, resolution of responses and communication with other digital systems or residents.

Appointment process and competence

The most important criteria for choice of supplier and solution were a good methodology for employing digital employees, as well as understanding how digital employees can meet the needs of Oslo Office. In addition, the supplier’s handling of safety requirements was best among the providers. It is also important for Oslo kemnerkontor to get advice about organization changes and competence needs to succeed with RPA in the project and on a continuous basis.

“RPA is a young software platform and we needed a supplier who has a good understanding of the best possible utilization of the chosen software platform. It was important for us to be able to support a good methodology for hiring digital employees”, says Øystein Hillestad, Development Manager at Oslo Chemicals Office.

“Digital Workforce also offers good services for lifecycle management of automated processes that will contribute to continuous improvement, high uptime and efficient digital workers”, continues Hillestad.

RPA integrated in digital strategy

Hillestad states that the agreement entered into is in line with the Oslo kemnerkontors strategy. Which adds to increased efforts for digitization. Utilizing RPA software will be one of several steps that will enable further digitization. It is a goal of this acquisition to establish better customer services and turn employee’s work away from routine work to more value-creating and interesting work tasks.

Digital Workforce focuses on the Nordic municipal market and already has many municipalities as customers, among them Mora Municipality, Järfälla Municipality, Helsinki Municipality, Espoo Municipality, Tampere Municipality and Turku Municipality.

The agreement with Oslo kemnerkontor is important for the company’s further investment in the municipal sector, according Country manager of Digital Workforce AS, Odd-Henrik Hansen.

“This is a major breakthrough for the company. The municipal sector is an important focus area where we have begun building a good Nordic customer base and solid references. That we now win this agreement is a confirmation that we meet the most comprehensive requirements and can offer high quality products and services at a reasonable price”, said Hansen.

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Media contact
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