Seminar 9.2.2017: Software Robotics – New perspectives on processes and information systems development

TIME AND PLACE: Scandic Park Helsinki, Thursday 9.2.2017 at 8.30-11.00

What does, robotic process automation, RPA mean for Information Management? When and how can digital workers help CIO’s to succeed faster and more cost-efficiently than traditional IT development projects allow? What requirements digital workers present for IT? What factors should be considered?

RPA has quickly become an important addition to the CIO’s toolbox. The costs of RPA are often a tenth of those related to traditional IT or integration development projects and provide results in just weeks. Many large organizations have already implemented software robots and the solution’s popularity is only expected to grow this year.

Digital Workforce hosts an invitation-only event on Thursday 9th of February, 2017 at Scandic Park Helsinki. The morning seminar is intended for CIO’s, CTO’s and Head’s of IT working in large organizations and focuses on unravelling RPA from the technology perspective.

We serve our audience a unique opportunity to hear insights from both ends of the chain; user and developer. The CTO and Co- Founders of Blue Prism, David Moss, will present the technology, while our customer organization Nordea shares their user experience. For a sneak peek, find here David Moss’ TEDx Talk on White Collar Robots: The Virtual Workforce.

The event is free of charge for our invited guests. Please reserve your seat quickly, since the room is limited. Your registration will be confirmed by email.



8.30 Breakfast and coffee
9.00 Opening words, Heikki Länsisyrjä, Partner and Co-Founder, Digital Workforce
9.10-10.05 “Virtual Workforce Ecosystem – Intelligent Operating System” , David Moss, Co-Founder and CTO, Blue Prism Inc.
10.05-10.15 Break
10.15-10.45 “Software robotics – experiences and best practices”, Janne Kaisto, Head of Robotics, Nordea
10.45-11.00 Conclusions & discussion, Jukka Virkkunen, Partner and Co-Founder, Digital Workforce


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