UiPath Document Understanding

New DWF Academy course – UiPath Document Understanding

Digital Workforce Academy recently announced a new online training that focuses on Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and specifically utilizing UiPath Document Understanding & AI Center

In this course, participants will get familiarized with the concept of IDP, learn what it can do for their organization and how it works in practice. By participating in the technical exercises and demos, students will also attain the skills to develop actual process automations leveraging IDP.

This unique course is a perfect fit for digital transformation experts looking to bring their organization to the 2020s and UiPath developers interested in expanding their skillset towards Intelligent Automation.

The ten-hour training is conducted over two days on Zoom and instructed by some of the Nordic’s leading IDP experts. 

Next session:
Over Dec 1st (8-11 GMT) and 2nd (8-14.30 GMT)


About the training

Intelligent Document Processing Training: UiPath Document Understanding & AI Center


Training topics include:

  • Introduction to intelligent document processing (IDP)
  • How to connect the capabilities of RPA and IDP
  • Introduction UiPath DU (Document Understanding) & AI Center
  • What is the licensing model of UiPath DU & AI Center, and how to be efficient with your licenses
  • Introduction to IDP project delivery best practices

Technical exercises and demos:

  • How to use UiPath DU
  • How to train a machine learning model on UiPath AI Center


Please note that completing the technical exercises will require you to have access to an installed and licensed UiPath Studio (Studio X will not suffice).

Find out more and reserve your seat here!