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Leon Stafford joins Digital Workforce as a Sales Director to the UK & Ireland

News: Digital Workforce welcomes Leon Stafford as a new key member of its global team and a Sales Director to the UK & Ireland.

Digital Workforce recently welcomed Leon Stafford as a new key member of its global team and a Sales Director to the UK & Ireland.

Having worked in the industry for many years, he will further strengthen our team’s expertise in connected platforms, scale-up strategy, and conceptualizing impactful solutions that seamlessly align with our client’s business objectives. On top of this, Leon brings with him industry-specific knowledge, particularly from the Public Sector, Financial Services, Contact Centers, Utilities, Retail, and Healthcare.

“I’m hoping that one of the first things we’ll do with Digital Workforce in the UK is helping out in the health service. If you take away some of the strain from people working in our healthcare with automation, they can thrive and do their best in what they’re supposed to do,” Leon describes.

In his previous job at Blue Prism, Leon was responsible for delivering RPA to large global organizations. As some of his career highlights, he lists working with the UK’s Ministry of Defense, UK Policing, and ABB Group.

“At the Ministry of Defense, there were many critical challenges to solve with people and logistics. Being part of creating solutions that addressed the customer’s needs was very meaningful to me. It was also exciting to support the UK Police because they weren’t only automating processes but extracting data to use analytics more effectively. Later, the department I worked with became the best in the UK to use data analytics.

At ABB Group, my final top pick, we got to do some fantastic work combining RPA with AI to scan people’s CVs.

Every company has its way of benefitting from automation and a different learning curve, making it so fascinating to work in this field”, says Leon.

Most organizations need help to set up and optimally utilize automation. However, there’s an unfortunate trend where many service providers have promised their clients something huge but haven’t followed through and met their promises.

“What I see we can do at Digital Workforce is go back to many of these companies and help them get to where they want to be. I think we are one of the few service providers that have consistently been able to deliver on their promise” Leon says.

”I am delighted to welcome Leon to lead our UK team and bring on board his unique experience and deep understanding of customer needs. Leon’s knowledge and skills will be invaluable as we continue our growth in the UK and supporting our customers in scaling Intelligent Automation across their organizations,” Jukka Virkkunen, Partner & Co-Founder.

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