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Jarkko Tuomolin joins Digital Workforce as a Head of Tax Automation

News: Digital Workforce welcomes Jarkko Tuomolin as a Head of Tax Process Automation


Digital Workforce recently welcomed Jarkko Tuomolin to its global team in the role of Head of Tax Process Automation. Having worked more than twenty years as an in-house tax advisor for multinational corporations and as a tax consultant to big4 companies, Jarkko’s unique skills will strengthen our capability to conceptualize impactful solutions for tax process automation.

Practical challenges guided Jarkko to process automation years ago. He recognized that many company-specific tax processes include a significant amount of manual work, which specialists need to complete to perform their core tasks. Jarkko saw process automation as an ideal solution for allocating time to value-added activities and realized that automating tax processes could unlock organizations’ wide range of benefits.

Jarkko estimates that over the years, the need for process automation in tax departments has only increased.

Multinational companies have become subject to various new tax rules and reporting requirements. Besides this, they have experienced more tax audits due to countries’ increased focus on securing their tax basis. Tax matters have also obtained attention in public and within multinational companies’ own external reporting, for example, within Sustainability and ESG reporting. In this quickly evolving environment, the workload of global tax operations has significantly increased.” Jarkko explains.

“In my experience, many tax departments have already recognized the benefits to utilizing Intelligent Automation but haven’t yet started or managed to reach an optimal outcome. This makes me even more excited about my new post at Digital Workforce, where my role is to help our clients achieve that maximum business impact.”, he says.

” I am delighted to welcome Jarkko, with his expansive knowledge of tax operations at multinational organizations, to our team. Jarkko’s knowledge and skills will be invaluable in identifying bottlenecks in tax processes and helping our clients realize the full potential of Intelligent Automation in their tax departments,” Mika Vainio-Mattila, CEO & Co-Founder.


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