Digital Workforce wins two major migration projects with the Central Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County

Press release – February 9, 2024

Digital Workforce Services Plc has been selected to implement two major data migration projects for the Central Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County (Keusote). These projects involve archiving customer and patient data from Keusote’s decommissioned systems – ProConsona, Pegasos, and Mukana – into the legally compliant Kanta archive and Keusote’s archives.

The total value of the archiving projects is €635,000, and they are estimated to take 12 months, consisting of four main phases: archive planning, data extraction, data migration, and data archiving. There are 11 databases to be migrated.

Digital Workforce will use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology for data extraction and archiving, ensuring the efficiency and cost benefits specified in the tender. The tendered solution will be delivered in cooperation with the subcontractor Atostek Oy. As the contract partner and responsible supplier, Digital Workforce will be accountable for project implementation, providing document and administrative data extraction, printing, and archiving in Keusote’s archive. Atostek Oy is responsible for converting and transferring the data to the Kanta archive as an ERA transfer.


“Keusote is a new client for us. We are excited to be able to bring our solid experience from similar projects to Keusote. Two simultaneous projects will bring significant benefits and efficiencies to the client as the same project manager and team will manage them. Our migration solution is highly cost-effective and of high quality, and we can promise on-time completion as long as we proceed according to the project plan. This way, our customers can get rid of their legacy systems as quickly as possible,” says Juha Järvi, Head of Global Healthcare, Digital Workforce.


The solution developed by Digital Workforce and Atostek has transferred millions of documents to Kela’s Kanta archive and customer-specific archives, covering a large part of similar migration projects in the Finnish wellbeing services counties so far.

The Customer Information Act obliges all public social care service providers to join Kanta archives by 1.9.2024. This puts pressure on the renewal of systems and the archiving of old data. Digital Workforce estimates that most of Finland’s approximately 800-1000 archivable social welfare and health care systems are not yet archived.

The decision on the Pegasos and Mukana archiving project will become final after the end of the appeal period under the Public Procurement Act. The deadline for appeals for the ProConsona project has expired.


For further information, please contact:
Juha Järvi, Global Head of Healthcare, Digital Workforce Services Plc

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