Digital Workforce launches Document-as-a-Service

Digital Workforce launches Document-as-a-Service (DaaS) – an Intelligent Document Processing service

News: Digital Workforce Document-as-a-Service

Digital Workforce, the world’s leading Intelligent Automation service provider, has today launched an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) service; Document-as-a-Service (DaaS). DaaS turns unstructured content into actionable information and transfers it to robotic-process-automation (RPA) robots for processing. Feeding RPA robots with data from emails, PDFs, pictures and other free forms opens up new opportunities for business critical, end-to-end process automation.

DaaS includes pre-made modules for the most common uses cases: the handling of invoices, sales orders and quotation requests, all of which are typically quite homogenous universally. The pre-made modules guarantee a quick start and cost savings compared to one-off AI projects. In addition to the common use cases, DaaS can be applied to more customer-specific, unstructured data handling.

Digital Workforce’s Head of Manufacturing and Logistics, Hannu Luoto said: “RPA is a fantastic technology, which can bring significant results in the early phase of an automation journey by automating simple, manual and high-volume knowledge work tasks. However, critical business processes tend to consist of numerous tasks, which are complex and almost always contain unstructured data, which is handled manually by service centre agents.”

Luoto added: “By using DaaS and RPA in their order processing, our customers have been able to reduce order processing time from 4-5 days to 1 hour, decrease throughput times by 35% and gain millions in FTE savings.”

DaaS is built on various AI technologies: natural language processing, machine learning and optical character recognition. Unlike many AI services, DaaS is available also on transaction-based pricing, where customers pay only for successful document handling.

DaaS is available from Digital Workforce’s cloud. The enterprise solution comes in different service levels. With a guaranteed SLA commitment, customers gain rapid resolution for any issues and can benefit from a continuously improving service. DaaS includes enterprise-grade security.

About Digital Workforce

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