Digital Workforce breakfast seminar in Oslo, March 7th 2018

Digital Workforce hosted its first breakfast seminar in Oslo March 7th. The intention of the seminar was to give the participants an overview of the possibilities of RPA and share knowledge about how to successfully hire a digital worker.

Pat Geary, Chief Evangelist at Blue Prism, gave an inspiring presentation about Blue Prisms journey from a start-up to a major enterprise. He also gave a detailed introduction to RPA in general, noting the important aspects of the technology. As well as discussing the technology itself, he talked about how RPA should be approached by businesses, both big and small. Geary underlined the importance of starting small, but planning big.

Magnus Skarstein and Andreas Montanus from Codan Insurance shared their RPA journey: from an unstructured hobby project to a strategical tool embraced and encouraged by the management. They also talked about the mistakes they had made because of insufficient planning, and how they had learned from those errors. Following the learnings and supported by the company’s management, Codan has been able to increase net savings and significantly speed up processes with RPA.

Finally, Mads Johan Laastad, Solutions Architect at Digital Workforce, took the participants through a journey on how to hire their first digital worker in a structured and professional manner. He described the different steps and phases needed to be able to successfully hire, configure and deploy a digital worker, and tap into the automation potential of the business.