Digital Workforce Announces Rebranding to Outsmart: Leading the Way in Holistic Business Process Automation

Press Release 29 November 2023

Digital Workforce Announces Rebranding to Outsmart: Leading the Way in Holistic Business Process Automation

Digital Workforce is delighted to announce the evolution of its former services, Roboshore and Robot As a Service, into Outsmart – the premier Holistic Business Process Automation Platform and Managed Service. This significant rebranding represents a strategic evolution to meet and exceed our clients’ needs, signifying Outsmart’s commitment to providing comprehensive, end-to-end process automation capabilities and an enhanced service experience.

Today, we proudly introduce Outsmart as a state-of-the-art platform and managed service for Business Process Automation (BPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Positioned as the heart of business workflows, Outsmart pumps data seamlessly throughout organizations, ensuring seamless data integration and enhancing collaboration between your existing enterprise architecture and human plus digital workers.

Our Design Services help with value discovery and establish best practices for automation, ensuring long-term success by building automation capability within the customer. Meanwhile, our Automation Delivery Services implement unique automation and transformation programs and solutions, further augmenting our comprehensive service offering.

Outsmart is uniquely designed to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional functional silos, offering unprecedented control and visibility into complex, long-running operational processes. By transforming disconnected tasks into seamless workflows, Outsmart enhances automation and provides real-time visibility, thus ensuring increased business value and maximized utilization of low-code business automation capabilities.

”We are excited to offer our robust Outsmart services to hundreds of existing clients and new prospects, building upon our successful RPA and AI projects. Over the years, we have created outstanding RPA programs and projects, often combined with AI. With the addition of the BPA layer and case management functionality, we can now consolidate all technologies and pre-built automations to achieve unparalleled automation capabilities. This convergence of technologies and easy management allows us to manage and automate complex, years-long, cross-functional, previously unmanageable processes. A prime example is our Cancer Care Follow-up Automation and Management (CFAM) solution, priced per patient instead of technology and work”, said Jussi Vasama, CEO of Digital Workforce.

Outsmart distinguishes itself with its unique tiered service levels. Inspired by the massive popularity of AI, we are bringing IDP using today’s best AI models to all our customers, regardless of service level. In the ‘Go’ level, clients can opt for either RPA or BPA, while the ‘Scale’ level includes both. For ‘Enterprise’ clients, we offer customized process automation solutions. This structure allows clients to select technologies and services that best fit their enterprise automation journey, unlocking value across various enterprise maturity stages.
Outsmart’s genuine, holistic, and technology-agnostic approach, coupled with unique commercial models like pay-per-minute, process, or value, offers unmatched flexibility and efficiency in maintaining solutions and supporting clients’ enterprise automation journeys.

Key Benefits of Outsmart:

  • Speed: Dramatically improving turnaround times for business processes.
  • Operational efficiency: Get more done with less resources.
  • End-to-End Visibility: Real time status for all stakeholders in your business.
  • Audit & Control: Offering comprehensive audit trails & control into complex operations.
  • Quality: Enhancing first-time-right KPIs while ensuring compliance.
  • Measurable Business Impact: Tailoring business improvement to unique client contexts.

Key Features of Outsmart:

  • Production Capacity: Executing low-code automations tailored to specific business needs.
  • Process Maintenance: Guaranteeing uninterrupted operations with continuous monitoring.
  • Quality Management: Adhering to industry best practices for optimal solution performance.
  • Risk Management: Adhering to ISO 27k and 20k standards for security and operational excellence.
  • Financial Flexibility: Allowing scalable solutions based on business demands.
  • Transparent Procurement: Offering different purchasing models and explicit, all-inclusive pricing.


In conclusion, Outsmart by Digital Workforce redefines the landscape of business process automation. It’s not just a platform and a managed service but a strategic partner in your journey towards digital transformation, competitive advantage, and operational excellence.

Learn more about Outsmart on our website: https://digitalworkforce.com/intelligent-automation-services/outsmart/


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Jussi Vasama, CEO, Tel. +358 50 380 9893, jussi.vasama@digitalworkforce.com

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Digital Workforce Services Plc is a leading business process automation services and technology solution provider globally. Digital Workforce Outsmart services and technology solution suites allow organizations to save costs, accelerate digitalization, increase revenue, improve customer experience, and gain a competitive advantage. Globally, over 250 large customers use Digital Workforce’s services and technologies to transform their businesses with automation. Founded in 2015, Digital Workforce currently employs over 200 business automation specialists in the US, the UK, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Digital Workforce is publicly listed in Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.