Digital Workforce - Event 19.4.2023

Automation Future Forum Copenhagen


Exclusive seminar at the prestigious Carlsberg Museum & Business Centre on Wednesday, 19.4. starting at 11:00

We are organizing an invite-only business seminar at Carlsberg Museum & Business Centre on Wednesday, April 19th. The exclusive event starts with lunch at 11:00 and closes in the late afternoon. Please note that seats are limited, so reserve yours soon!

The seminar topics cover:

  • Macro-level snapshot of the Danish market at large and future predictions
  • How does automation tie into organizations' success in today's business environment and their future?
  • A management perspective: From task automation to automated business operations
  • From idea to practice: Case story ATP  

Join us to hear

  • What is happening in the Danish market right now, and what does the future entail?
  • What capabilities do organizations need to stay competitive in today's operational environment?
  • What role does automation play in addressing the changes?
  • Why and how are organizations moving towards fully automated business operations?
  • What solutions are pioneers building today, and what do they envision for the future?
  • How can you move from idea to practice and achieve your desired results?


Morten Olsen, Professor of Economics
University of Copenhagen

Case ATP
Thore Dankert, Senior Director Digitalization & Innovation


Digital Workforce


11:00 Doors open 

11:10 Welcome word & lunch

11:55-12:40 Market snapshot and future predictions with Professor Olsen
- Macro-level changes in the business environment
- What capabilities and competencies are highlighted and why?

Professor Morten Olsen

12:40-13:00 Leveraging automation in the changing world
- What role does automation play in addressing the changes?

Karli Kalpala,
Head of Business & Service Design, Digital Workforce

Coffee break 

13:10-14:40 From idea to practice

Director's perspective on impactful Intelligent Automation - Case ATP
Thore Dankert,
Senior Director Digitalization & Innovation, ATP

Transforming customer experience & operational efficiency - Success stories from Finland and United Kingdom's largest hospitals
Juha Järvi, Global Head of Healthcare, Digital Workforce

14:40-15:00 Summary & closing words

15:00-16:00 Small bites & drinks


We serve all participants lunch and, at the end of the event, small bites & drinks.

Please note that your seat at the event is personally confirmed via email.

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