RPA Infrastructure Consulting

Well behaved robots from day one.

Foundation for RPA operations

Digital Workforce’s RPA infrastructure consulting is a unique service that provides a solid RPA infrastructure foundation for RPA operations in your organisation. Only a robust, secure and scalable RPA platform will allow you to reap full benefits from automated processes and support the business.

Do you recognise these issues in your RPA activities?

Unstable connectivity of robots
Crashing RPA software
Unusual amount of RPA Software Error Messages
Missing privileges and access rights
Mismatch between development, testing and production environments
Poor utilisation of RPA software licenses
Problems with RPA software upgrades

A solid RPA platform

requires understanding of how RPA software will interact with business applications in enterprise IT environment in both a long and short term. It’s important to configure all the RPA infrastructure components (such as servers, databases, virtual machines) in a way that the robots would perform smoothly regardless the volume of work. Too often RPA operations are hindered by persisting issues of connectivity, accesses, RPA software upgrades and missing dependencies.

RPA development and production activities are very dependent on a stable RPA platform allowing each member of your robotics center of excellence to deliver their work on time and at the best quality . At the same time a robust platform helps create confidence in RPA from the business side.

Proof of Concept RPA environments have very different requirements than an enterprise environment that is secure and able to scale.  Ensuring the right configuration of the RPA environment in the pilot phase will allow you to continue expanding RPA throughout the organisation, save money, time and reduce effort in the long run.

Digital Workforce’s RPA system architects have extensive experience in designing and setting up RPA infrastructure in various customer environments both on premise and cloud.

Service highlights

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    RPA platform and RPA software configuration according to the industry best practices matched with your IT environment

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    RPA Infrastructure’s evaluation and diagnostics maximising the security, scalability and robustness of your RPA platform

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    RPA Platform Automation - maintenance and routine tasks in your RPA platform can also be automated

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    Use data to find bottleneck’s in your RPA infrastructure, validate and improve your RPA platform design