Robotic delivery provides the methodology and best practices for intelligent automation. With our certified consultants, we can help with process definition, automation, testing, deployment and production.


Digital Workforce employs the largest number of certified RPA consultants in Northern Europe with experience in over 4,000 process automations. Our consultants work hand in hand with our customer center of excellence bringing theory into practice by delivering know-how and resources, as needed. We can provide practical help in opportunity pipeline generation, automation candidate process definition, configuration and development, as well as quality assurance.


Capability Scan

Digital Workforce’s Capability Scan is a service, which assesses your current automation capability. Capability Scan is driven by our key advisory experts and is built to determine a definition of your automation capability and the journey you are undertaking to illustrate how you can scale. The scan allows for an understanding of your current skills and people, organisations strategy and vision, cultural adoption, delivery methodology and your technology platform for utilising automation.

RPA Infrastructure Consulting

Digital Workforce’s RPA infrastructure consulting is a unique service that provides a solid RPA infrastructure foundation for RPA operations in your organisation. Only a robust, secure and scalable RPA platform will allow you to reap full benefits from automated processes and support the business.

DaaS - Document as a Service

Document as a Service (DaaS) is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) service which turns unstructured content into actionable information and transfers it to RPA robots for processing.

Knowledge Base

During its existence and with its experience gained from thousands of projects, Digital Workforce has accumulated extensive understanding on how RPA should be developed from both technical and methodological points of view. This knowledge has been gathered into a knowledge base, which includes best practices, methodologies, documentation, guides, and other relevant materials.

A customer specific database can also include all customer-specific documents in addition to general content, turning it into a robotics knowledge hub. Utilising the knowledge base from the beginning of RPA journey can effectively mitigate pitfalls hidden in new technology implementations.


This client-specific and secure object library, stores qualified automation objects where they can be made available to the whole organisation. When a robotics developer deploys a new digital worker, reusable parts or automation objects are generated in the process. The repository is a tool that effortlessly collects and makes accessible these parts to other developers within the organisation. When a new object is stored in the repository, its quality is checked. This improves the transparency and quality of the entire robotics environment.


Digital Workforce Academy

The Digital Workforce Academy has trained over 150 organizations all around the world in RPA Analytics, Automation Development, RPA Program Management and many more topics! For more information and detailed course descriptions visit our Academy website.