Capability Scan

It's Time to Stop Questioning Where Do You Stand with Your Automation Capability!

Find out with our Capability Scan now

The scan recognizes your current automation maturity and analyzes areas for further growth

Understanding more about your capability

With top-down pressure to maximize adoption, ROI and scalability for automation, customers can find themselves lacking in the knowledge of time-proven skills and access to numerous expert resources who can ensure their first automation projects succeed, or, alternatively if you have built a capability and looking to transform to the next level of maturity but need support getting there. Then, the Capability Scan is your answer!

What is a Capability Scan?

Our consultative approach begins with a review and results in a rounded outcome that streamlines how Digital Workforce can advise how you drive your automation program forward.

The purpose of the scan is to determine a definition of your automation capability and the journey you are undertaking to ensure we can offer the right support and advisory in helping you build a scalable automation program that meets your strategical goals and mission.


How will the scan be conducted?

The scan follows a mature and proven approach to validating all aspects of an automation Framework. A 1 to 2-hour virtual meeting to understand the level of your maturity in creating an enterprise automation capability will be carried out to perform the scan. The review will encompass many different questions and discussion points to allow our experts to gauge your level of adoption with the key foundations that accomplish an Enterprise Automation Capability.


Who needs to be involved?

At Digital Workforce, our main purpose is to help organizations new and existing, not just to solve problems; but around building a real Enterprise Automation Capability using our very own Framework that is mature to help you scale effectively to meet your business needs and goals.

We recommend, your Head of Automation, Automation Lead or Automation Manager is largely involved in this session to be able to provide our experts with an overview of the strategy and implementation of the program whilst discussing your needs, wants, issues and concerns. Along with a Project Manager if leveraged and your Lead Developer and Architects to help answer those technical questions.


What will I get from the Scan?

An output report will be generated from the scan identifying how your journey is performing against a set criterion of key points which allows the Advisory expert to analyse your capability and build out the outcome. The main areas of the review will help illustrate how an automation platform has been adopted with the key foundations that accomplish an enterprise capability.


Can Digital Workforce help me on the outcomes of the scan?

To assist with gathering necessary information to make sure Digital Workforce can propose the necessary service offering(s) in supporting you in being successful when scaling your automation journey. The ideal solution is to bring in a team of Subject Matter Experts to augment the skills of your team and to mentor and support your process automation implementation. These experts include Trusted Advisors, Senior Consultants, Senior Developers, Intelligent Automation Consultants and Enterprise Platform Architects.
The Capability Scan is ideal if you need a high-level insight of your current automation capability today.