Drive Long-Term Business Value with our Advisory Services

Digital Workforce can help you discover the strategic and operational business value enabled through intelligent automation and help realize the potential.

Our Advisory Services allow you to successfully navigate into the new digital era while achieving exceptional business results faster and cheaper than traditional approaches to business process transformation/improvement.

We offer you two types of Advisory Services:



No matter what maturity or stage you are in, we can help you quick start or accelerate your intelligent automation journey.

Among the most common mistakes that organizations make related to Business Process Automation is not understanding the strategic impact enabled by the new Intelligent Automation approach. This leads to poorly prioritized, defined and implemented initiatives where both value management and required capabilities are often lacking.

Achieve business results and gain a competitive advantage with our proven & structured methodologies, expertise and tools.


IA Value Discovery Services

Our Value Discover Services help Executive Management understand the business value of Intelligent Automation, both from a strategic and operational perspective.

IA Impact Workshop

Discover why IA is a strategic enabler while developing a common platform for further discussions around IA Business Value. Impact Workshop is suitable if you wonder what Intelligent Automation is, and how important it will be for your organization's further development. Or you want to start a constructive discussion in your management team about the impact of IA.

IA Strategy Aligment

Discover the strategic impact of IA on your business and what areas provide the best strategic fit for development. Strategy Alignment is a good fit if you wonder how IA will impact your organization and enable your strategy. Furthermore, you want to understand how IA can impact your value chain and when you want to scale up automation from one function to a global capability.

Quick Start

Discover the IA approach to Business Automation and identify the best initiatives that can Show Case Business value.  We recommend Quick Start if you want to raise automation awareness within your organization and find an automation pilot that demonstrates IA's business value. It is also useful when you want to get a more practical understanding of how you identify IA candidates

IA Enabled Process Transformation

Discover how you can re-define a business process through IA and the tools necessary to enable the transformation. Use IA Enabled Process automation, when you want to understand the role IA can have in process transformation, or if you have complex business processes where automation readiness is small, and you want to see how IA can enable a change.


IA Value Realization Services

Our Value Realization Services help IA Centers of Excellence and automation teams to build a capability that can deliver the business value of Intelligent Automation.

Trusted Advisor

At Digital Workforce we are delighted to offer a Trusted Advisor to support you and your team as part of a service that ensures you have the necessary roadmap and strategy to drive scale in your automation program. The role of the Trusted Advisor will be to provide a review of your current capability and the journey you are undertaking to ensure we can offer the right support and advisory in helping you build a scalable automation program that meets your strategical goals and mission. There are four service packages available.

Capability Scan

Digital Workforce's Capability Scan is a service, which assesses your current automation capability. Our key advisory experts drive Capability Scan built to determine your automation capability and the journey you are undertaking to illustrate how you can scale. The scan allows for an understanding of your current skills and people, organizations strategy and vision, cultural adoption, delivery methodology and your technology platform for utilizing automation.

IA Infrastructure Consulting

Digital Workforce's RPA infrastructure consulting is a unique service that provides a solid RPA infrastructure foundation for RPA operations in your organization. Only a robust, secure and scalable RPA platform will allow you to reap full benefits from automated processes and support the business.