Trusted Advisor

Get your own dedicated Trusted Advisor to support your journey in delivering automation at scale.

Digital Workforce Trusted Advisor ensures you have the necessary roadmap and strategy to drive scale in your automation program. Analysing your specific situation, issues, and opportunities continuously. Trusted Advisor creates and helps you follow a strategy roadmap, which delivers better outcomes and long-lasting results.

If you need a dedicated Senior Advisor to support your team and journey, our Trusted Advisor service is your answer!


What is our Trusted Advisor service?

The Digital Workforce Trusted Advisor service supports and collaborates with your team to create a scalable, persistent, and professional delivery and support capability that adheres to industry best practices and leverages the optimum blend of yours and Digital Workforce resources. Trusted Advisors are industry experts with a broad range of experience and knowledge in automation programs across industries. Trusted Advisors work collaboratively with you and your team, usually on a rolling monthly basis.

What are we looking to achieve?

  • Trusted Advisor reviews your current capability and the journey you are undertaking to ensure we can offer the proper support and advisory in helping you build a scalable automation program that meets your strategical goals and mission.

  • Our experienced, Trusted Advisors will want to discuss and understand more about your transformational journey.

  • Understand your current skills, knowledge, cultural adoption, and organizational strategy for utilizing automation.

  • Measure and capture an understanding of the adherence to industry best practices.


What are the benefits?

Trusted Advisors continuously review your status and recommend best practices to achieve results.

Deeper customer relationships

Having the ability to lean on an expert at your disposal to help assure and support your future activities in building a capability.

Accelerate development and results

Senior-level high impacting role aiding, experience and knowledge in building and achieving business impacts for success.

Create competitive advantage

Service provides you with the experience and knowledge to enhance your competitiveness.


Service packages

Trusted Advisor service is available in four packages: Lite, Plus, Premium and Select.

The service packages are built to suit any size of organization and automation capability. Whether you have just started, stagnated after a few years, or looking to scale, we will get you ramped up quickly. We support you on your next step in your journey to maturity by applying our expertise and intimate knowledge of building a connected enterprise-wide automation capability.

Pay on a rolling monthly basis, based on your needs and requirements.


  • Ad-hoc answers to queries providing advice & guidance
  • Injection of expertise and inputs
  • Necessary explanations when and where required

1 day / month


  • Identify a gap analysis performed by a Trusted Advisor to uncover areas to drive support and advisory
  • Delivery route to success planning
  • Provide support to problems from the plan

3 days / month

Most popular


  • Advising on organizational change management approach
  • Advising on digital worker automation strategy
  • How to achieve maximum value through Intelligent Automation

5 days / month


  • Customized Trusted Advisor package leveraging access to core competencies
  • Advising on organizational change management approach
  • Quarterly account reviews and strategy sessions

Custom bundle