Webinar: Understanding Catchwords and Hype Cycles – Where Are We with AI and Hyperautomation from An Academic Perspective?


September 24th at 10-10:50 am EEST / 9-9:50 CEST / 8-8:50 BST

What can we learn from hype cycle research? Why catchwords play a significant role in innovation and producing futuristic potential in their own right? Where are we with the current automation-related catchwords, like AI and Hyperautomation?

A catchword, such as ‘big data’, ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘social media’, means a memorable or effective word or phrase which describes its ability to catch the attention of different audiences, like readers, regulators, investors, and customers. The research of hype cycles analyses digital economy catchwords, which receive socially peaked attention in hype cycles, and how they evolve typically from technological innovation and excitement to baseless promises, then leading to disappointments and downturn and the new rise. The role of catchwords in mapping, performing and anticipatorily organizing the future can be approached based on various digital search sources, patent records, media archives, academic research, and Google trends.

Join our next webinar with Mika Pantzar (Ph.D.), a well-known professor (Consumer citizenship) in Consumer Society Research Centre at the University of Helsinki. Mika specializes in technology and consumer research. In his recent study, he has looked into the diffusion patterns and dynamics of digital economy catchwords and their fast-paced transition through hype cycles.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Gartner and the technological hype cycle model
  • The hype cycle logic: Analyzing catchwords via digital sources, patent records, media archives, academic research, and Google trends
  • The power of words in the hype cycle research
  • Analyzing AI and Hyperautomation from an Academic Perspective

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Professor (Consumer citizenship) in Consumer Society Research Centre, University of Helsinki

Mika Pantzar has published articles widely in well-known publications within consumer research, design and technology studies, the rhetoric of economic policy, food, and future studies and systems research. Mika’s current research interests focus on big data and large data sets of various forms (human physiology, netnography, social media, etc.). One of his major works, Domestication of technology. From science of consumption to art of consumption (Tammi, 1996), was awarded both by the Finnish State and the Finnish Science Council. Future home – inventing needs for domestic appliance  (Otava, 2000) is widely used in many universities.  

Lead Business Consultant, Industrial Sector, Digital Workforce

As a leading business consultant, Hannu supports customers in different phases of their automation journeys, from initialization to industrialization. In this role, Hannu uses his experience specifically from the industrial sector in the identification of potential for automation. To ensure benefit realization, he supports customers also as an automation program manager.

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