HUS procures more robots to maximize time for patient care

Press release 26.1.2021:
HUS procures more robots to maximize time for patient care


The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) and Digital Workforce have entered into a new agreement covering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services. HUS plans to free up healthcare professionals’ time even more extensively for clinical tasks and patient care.

The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa is one of the leading global healthcare organizations in utilizing intelligent automation at a large-scale. HUS has used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) since 2015.

RPA helps to improve manual, repetitive work that users are performing across HUS’s information systems. HUS utilizes RPA to automate routine process tasks in both administrative and clinical work.

In September 2020 HUS had approximately 80 RPA-automated processes in production. RPA is used to automate tasks, like handling and classification of electronic referrals, COVID-19 referrals and results, and the supply chain of operating room supplies. HUS has now extended the scope of RPA with machine learning solutions. For example, the use of intelligent automation for virtual referral handling has freed up 10 FTEs of effort on an annual basis to perform other work.

– The results that we have gained from automation are substantial. Already automation has freed up thousands of health personnel’s work hours to patient work. It is precisely the releasing of time to clinical and patient work more extensively, which is our primary goal for digitalization and automation. Concerns of healthcare personnel sufficiency is a long-term trend, now enforced by the current Corona crisis, tells Risto Laakkonen, ICT Director at HUS.

Digital Workforce has been the RPA service provider of HUS since the first pilots in 2015. A new multi-year agreement was signed in September 2020 covering RPA services. It is the largest RPA and Intelligent Automation service agreement in the Nordics. The deal includes a minute-based RPA cloud service, a maintenance service of digitalized processes, specialist resources to identify new targets and technical implementation, and the validation of the use of intelligent automation components to improve processes further.

– Our purchase model for RPA, i.e. a minute-based service, allows us to utilize digitalization and rapidly scale according to our needs. Particularly the implementation of Apotti brings data migration work momentarily, and we’ve been able to increase the capacity effortlessly without additional investment to cope with peaks, says Juha Siitonen, IT Manager at HUS.

– HUS’s ability to identify the potential for digitalization, and their operating model for intelligent automation, are unique, not only among healthcare organizations but also across other verticals. Upcoming large IT system renewals will increase the potential for automation and open up new possibilities, which HUS can explore rapidly, explains Juha Järvi, Head of Health and Social Care, Digital Workforce.

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