Webinar: Why is RPA Maintenance the Key to Securing Business Continuity and Accelerating Your RPA Program?


14.5.2020 at 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT / 5 pm CEST

RPA presents many exciting and innovative ways to drive efficiency, effectiveness and growth. Expectations are very high amongst business leaders because of this potential. While Gartner finds RPA the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market, many companies have faced the reality of stalled and stagnated RPA programs.

The hurdle that remains firmly in the way is scalability. To date, only 7% of organizations have scaled beyond five robots [Deloitte, 2019]. And only 3% of organisations have climbed to 50 or more. While everybody is talking about the opportunities with RPA, achieving scale is still the critical hurdle. Why is this? And how can RPA maintenance help you scale up your RPA program?

Join our webinar with Coley Vahey, Country Manager US & Canada at Digital Workforce and Elias Levo, Head of Run Management at Digital Workforce, on May 14 at 8 am PDT to learn the importance of RPA maintenance in your RPA program, and how to make sure that your robots are running when they should be.


Key takeaways 


You’ll learn:

  • How to accelerate your current RPA program?
  • How to calculate process downtime?
  • Why RPA development and maintenance should be separated?
  • How to set up your maintenance team?
  • Demo – this is how a Managed RPA maintenance services works in real life


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Coley Vahey
VP Sales USA
Coley Vahey has been selling enterprise software for the past 20+ years, focusing specifically on RPA for the past 8 years. Coley brings a wealth of industry, technology and global experience.

Elias Levo
Head of Run Management
Elias has been working in the field of RPA and automation since 2015 in multiple roles and positions through all phases in the RPA lifecycle in Digital Workforce and the financial sector in Finland. With this experience, he is passionate about helping organizations to transition the RPA deliveries from a project organization to a managed operations unit to ensure a functional, well-performing and robust production portfolio of RPA automations. In his current role as Head of Run Management, he acts as the service owner of Digital Workforces global Run Management Service that delivers maintenance and RPA improvement services globally for hundreds of RPA automations.

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