Cancer Care Follow-up automation developed by a Finnish company improves patient safety and aims to save hundreds of millions of euros

Press Release 23.5.2024
Cancer Care Follow-up automation developed by a Finnish company improves patient safety and aims to save hundreds of millions of euros

Digital Workforce, a Finnish process automation services company, has developed a multi-technology automation solution for breast cancer follow-up for a Nordic university hospital. The solution aims to improve patient safety, free up human resources, reduce queues, and enable personalized care pathways.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and its treatment has evolved significantly in recent decades. Follow-up care is a vital part of treatment, allowing early detection of cancer recurrence.

The follow-up, which includes regular clinical examinations and imaging like mammography, spans 5 to 9 years. This multi-year follow-up, organized using traditional methods, is laborious and error-prone, posing a risk to patient safety.

A globally pioneering solution implemented in a Nordic university hospital in spring 2024 –
Savings potential in Western countries measured in hundreds of millions of euros

An innovative solution developed by Digital Workforce to manage and automate breast cancer follow-up care was launched at a Nordic university hospital in the spring of 2024. The developed solution, Cancer Care Follow-up Automation and Management (CFAM), is globally the first of its kind.

CFAM automates the follow-up process and enables creating and managing personalized care paths for each patient. The solution, developed on a cloud platform, provides a secure and scalable environment and can be integrated with any electronic medical record system. The same solution can also be easily applied to the follow-up of other types of cancers and long-term illnesses.

CFAM has already attracted the interest of several medical institutions in Europe and the US. In Western countries, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers, and the costs of follow-up care are measured in the hundreds of millions of euros.


“We are proud to be a trusted partner to the healthcare industry in the development of clinical processes and patient care pathway management. CFAM, launched this spring, guarantees personalized and timely care for all patients, enabling healthcare professionals to prioritize those with elevated health risks. CFAM’s significance extends beyond breast cancer, as it addresses challenges common to the follow-up care of many long-term conditions.,” says Jussi Vasama, CEO of Digital Workforce.

The solution aims to deliver significant improvements for patients and healthcare providers

As the aging population drives an increase in cancer and long-term illnesses, healthcare providers face mounting pressure to enhance efficiency and cut costs. CFAM offers a solution to the challenge, enabling healthcare organizations to save millions while bolstering patient safety and providing real-time information to patients and caregivers.

By expediting access to care and test result communication, CFAM facilitates swift responses to abnormal findings and liberates staff time for patients needing urgent specialist attention. Automating follow-up enhances patient safety by mitigating key-person dependencies and opportunities for manual errors, ensuring continuous and consistent surveillance.

Additionally, CFAM improves patients’ involvement, allowing them to choose their preferred checkup time and method in the patient portal and to make changes to their bookings if necessary. Patients’ participation in booking and changing their appointments saves medical staff time by eliminating work associated with bookings, changes, and uncancelled appointments while simultaneously enabling patients’ autonomy and convenience.


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Press Release 23.5.2024 Cancer Care Follow-up automation developed by a Finnish company improves patient safety and aims to save hundreds of millions of euros