Case study

A service provider to Norwegian electrical power industry, welcomes digital workers from Microsoft Azure

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Case study of MAIK:

MAIK AS is a provider of metering, settlement, billing and collection services to Norwegian electrical power resellers and distributors. Their customers rely on MAIK’s capability to support them in digitalization through automation and streamlining of business processes to obtain better service quality with lower operational costs. MAIK’s vision is to be “The Preferred Digital Partner” of their customers. This vision is realized through innovative solutions, disruptive technologies and cost-effective services.

This case study answers questions like:

  • When is it useful to utilize a turnkey solution for automation?
  • How does cloud service improve the scalability of your solution?
  • How can digital workers help to grow your business?
  • How can cloud RPA facilitate the introduction of other automation technologies?
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Case study MAIK