Maturity Audit

Addressing your key challenges and priorities

Organisations of all sizes and types are facing a higher velocity of change in their business, market, and industry. The pressure to deliver results is mounting exponentially. As a leader you must stay ahead of, or overtake, the competition.

Our Maturity Audit has been created and has evolved overtime as an audit of the journey you have undertaken no matter where your company is on that journey to reaching that ultimate level of maturity.


What is a Maturity Audit?

Ideal if you are looking for a detailed audit to provide insight of the current state of your automation capability down to an auditable level. The focus is on evaluating all key foundations and pillars required to manage and enable an enterprise-wide digital workforce.


The key objective is to help you identify any current maturity gaps and provide recommendations towards building an efficient and scalable automation capability with industry best practices.


How will the audit be conducted?

Digital Workforce Maturity Audit is an efficient and cost-effective way for customers to understand their automation capability and improve the reliability, scalability and robustness of the operating model whilst understanding the security of your infrastructure.


An experienced senior advisor will discuss and understand more about your transformational journey, your current skills, knowledge, cultural adoption, and organisational strategy for utilizing automation along with measuring and capturing an understanding of the adherence to industry best practices. All encompassed in an audited feedback report which will allow you to feed into your strategical plans.


Who needs to be involved?

During the Maturity Audit with organisations, we will be seeking to understand what we need to do to help you be successful. In the end, we believe that several organisations, no matter if they are new or existing adopters, will be very interested in our advisory service offering programs.


We recommend your Head of Automation, Automation Lead or Automation Manager should be the primary contact for this session. This is to provide our experts with an overview of the strategy and implementation of the program whilst discussing your needs, wants, issues and concerns. Additional participants should be your Project Manager, your Lead Developers , Analysts and Technical Architects to help answer those technical questions.


What will I get from the audit?

Our Maturity Audit is a unique, insightful service to organisations who want to be more engaged on how to start or scale their automation program and combining that with the feedback we have been getting those organisations would like a helping hand working towards their automation initiatives. It helps you get better value from your technology, with detailed insight into how it is supporting teaching, learning, safeguarding and more.


Through analysis of the audit outcome, it begins to present the maturity journey determining the touchpoints and attributes that are the strongest areas and areas for improvement and give you a view of risks in your model.


Can Digital Workforce help me on the outcomes of the audit?

Organisations who have used our Maturity Audit and accompanying advisory services directly, have progressed to have a well-managed, well-maintained capability in supporting their future of work with Intelligent Automation.

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